Recipient Options

What recipient options are available?
Client-owned recipients can be utilized if they can be hauled into a 万搏怎么买球 center for transfers.  If this is not a possibility for clients, there are several other recipient options available. Embryos can be transferred into Trans Ova’s health-certified beef recipients. Pregnant beef recipients can be purchased for clients to calve out at home. Clients may also utilize our Fresh-Ship Program to have IVF embryos shipped to them to be implanted into their recipients on-farm.

What are Trans Ova beef recipients?
We use predominantly Angus-based beef cows that are two to six years of age. Recipients are screened for BVD, Brucellosis, BLV (Leukosis), Neospora, Johne’s, and Anaplasmosis. Those clients purchasing pregnant recipients do so after the recipient is confirmed pregnant at 60 days.


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Reproductive Tips?

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