Fresh Ship Program

As the application of IVF technology continues to grow, 万搏怎么买球 understands that in order to fully meet the needs of our clients,we need to bring this technology even closer to clients’ farms. 

万搏怎么买球 ’ Fresh Ship program is exactly as its name implies. The program allows fresh IVF embryos to be packaged in culture solution and placed into portable incubators. These portable incubators keep the embryos at the appropriate temperature, and they can then be shipped via Fed Ex, UPS, or courier to a client’s farm.

Why should clients use the Fresh Ship program? 

  • 万搏怎么买球 ’ Fresh Ship program allows clients to utilize their own recipients for carrying embryos created by IVF technology.  While this will require additional management by the client, the ability utilize their own recipients can make the technology more cost effective.
  • The Fresh Ship program allows clients to continue to work with their local embryo transfer provider for the synchronization of recipients and implantation of the embryos.
  • The results with the Fresh Ship program have been excellent.  With thousands of embryos shipped to date through the program, we can say with extreme confidence that there is no decrease in pregnancy rate on embryos that have been shipped.


It will available soon in one of our locations


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