Now Launching: Small Ruminant Program

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September 13, 2016

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Stanton Warren or DeWayne McCauslin
万搏怎么买球 small ruminant programs

Now Launching: Small Ruminant Program

万搏怎么买球 is very proud to announce the beginning of a new pathway for embryo transfer, IVF and ViaGen cloning technology in the small ruminant field in 2015. The key to that program will be Dr. Zane Gray, a new addition to the 万搏怎么买球 team. Dr. Gray is the veterinarian who will specialize in and direct the small ruminant embryo program.

Dr. Gray is a graduate of Iowa State University Veterinary Program, after achieving undergraduate degrees in Animal Science and Dairy Science. He was very active in his collegiate years with involvement in Block and Bridle, Meat Judging, American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners, ISU SCAVMA, Theriogenology, etc. After several internships and preceptorships across the U.S., with businesses actively involved in the sheep industry, Dr. Gray has been practicing sheep, goat and cattle veterinary medicine, embryo transfer, laparoscopic A.I. and ultrasound since 2013.

In addition, Dr. Gray owns a flock of 75 breeding ewes, and is co-owner of an Angus herd with his family in Toledo, Iowa. He has been active in all facets of those breeding herd businesses, and understands the needs of our clients in the small ruminant and cattle industries.

Dr. Gray will be practicing out of the 万搏怎么买球 facility in Chillicothe, Missouri. Small ruminant embryo transfer will be offered in the latter half of 2015 with the introduction of small ruminant IVF to follow. The IVF program will benefit from the “best in the world” laboratory presence 万搏怎么买球 provides to its existing bovine clients.

Dr. Gray will be instrumental in the development of the small ruminant cloning program through the transfer of cloned sheep and goat embryos on the farm and the development of a much requested weaned lamb and weaned kid program for clients who prefer that option.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Dr. Zane Gray and encourage you to follow us on our social media sites as well as our websites www.transova. com and, as we introduce more information about the small ruminant program in the months to come.

This is a very exciting chapter in the history of 万搏怎么买球 . We are looking forward to extending the same tremendous benefits, programs and customer service we provide for our bovine clients, to our new clients in the small ruminant sector.

For your Genetic Preservation or cloning needs, please call 

Diane Broek or Melain Rodriquez of ViaGen at 1-888-8ViaGen.

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