At 万搏怎么买球 , our most valuable asset is our experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate staff.

From embryologists, research and development team members and cattle caretakers, to client service representatives and our marketing and sales team, each one of us is dedicated to using advanced reproductive technologies to help our clients achieve optimal success.

Message from the President

Welcome to 万搏怎么买球 !

I am extremely proud of our technology, our facilities and our experience.

I’m also very proud of our world-class team. The Trans Ova team includes veterinarians, PhD’s, scientists, technicians, office staff, and animal care personnel— each one with unsurpassed expertise, always increasing our knowledge and expertise.

Our best-in-the-industry toolbox includes a full array of technologies and services across the whole continuum of Assisted Reproductive Technologies. And thanks to our robust research and development pipeline, there’s more to come.

Trans Ova is well positioned to continue to be at the forefront of rapidly-changing reproductive technologies.

Along with our growth has come an expansion in our outstanding animal care facilities. Today, we serve a range of clients from farmers with a single cow to the largest ranch and breeding organizations. We fully understand the needs of both because we started from the humblest of beginnings.

I’m perhaps most proud that from our humble beginnings in 1980 to today, we still have my first business partner, our first team member, and our first client.

Dr. David Faber - President

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